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Adhesive Wraps for Car Protection & More

We know adhesives. This category features vinyl car wraps, durable weather barriers, and a garage floor covering. We also offer clear barriers that are able to stick to carpeting, with perforation for ease of movement. If you’re not looking for a full-sized wrap, we also offer smaller barriers that are able to cover gaps between our traditional adhesive car wraps.

All of our coverings are capable of protecting a car's interior for at least one year. The wraps can be used by automotive dealerships, mechanics, businesses that specialize in transporting automobiles, or a home car enthusiast. Going away for a period of time and worried about leaving your car outside? Our adhesive car wraps are great for you, too!

Our durable plastic adhesive also works great as a garage floor covering or a covering for other workspace areas. With a thickness of four millimeters, our floor coverings will protect your garage from water, paint, dirt and oil - and in spite of its strong adhesive, it can swiftly be removed.

Order today for bargain prices and heavy bulk discounts.

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Crash Wrap® 45 Film Crash Wrap Weather Barrier Film 24in X 200FT Gap Wrap Film 6in X 200ft (Pack of 4)
Crash Wrap® 45 Film
List Price: $89.61
Our Price: $79.00
Savings: $10.61
Crash Wrap Weather Barrier Film® 24in X 200FT *QUANTITY DISCOUNTS!
List Price: $152.81
Our Price: $119.00
Savings: $33.81
Gap Wrap Film 6in X 200ft (Pack of 4)
List Price: $159.38
Our Price: $119.00
Savings: $40.38

Car Window Wraps & More

When vehicles are damaged due to an accident or act of vandalism, car window wraps offer an economical way to protect interiors from the ravages of rain, snow and dust. Vehicle window wrap also blocks the harmful effects of UV rays to protect upholstery against fading for up to 45 days. In addition, our Crash Wrap 45 car window wrap can be used to cover larger gaps, such as doors and tailgates that have been sprung or removed. Simply apply in horizontal, overlapping bands, working from bottom to top.

Crash Wrap 45 is a durable, flexible film that has a self-adhesive backing. The adhesive holds the film securely in place, but it is easily removed or repositioned. The adhesive leaves no residue when the film is removed. Crash Wrap 45 is available in 36-inch wide rolls that are 100 feet in length. Vehicles using auto body wraps to cover glass areas should not be driven with the film in place; even clear wraps cause vision distortions that can make driving risky. Order this auto body wrap now for a sizeable discount from the factory-listed price!

Crash Wrap Weather Barrier Film: 24 Inches by 200 Feet

When damage to your car’s windows can’t be repaired right away, plastic window covers keep the interior safe from adverse weather conditions. Crash Wrap Weather Barrier Film is a self-adhesive plastic window seal that can be unrolled and affixed directly over broken windows or other exterior damage to cover it until you can get your vehicle to a body shop. This reliable plastic window covering is large enough to seal entire missing windows as well as doors that don’t close.

Window plastic is also handy in the event that your sunroof breaks or any window of the car gets stuck in the open position. Rather than having to worry about storing your car indoors, you can simply unroll a length of Crash Wrap and seal up the hole. Plastic window insulation can be removed and re-applied as needed to keep rain and debris out of the car. Mechanics and autobody repair shops love it, too. No matter what the damage, Crash Wrap plastic window sheets have you covered. Call today for quantity discounts!

Yellow, Tough 3 Mils Thick
Protects Damaged Vehicle Interiors
Ultraviolet Inhibitors for Extended Sun Exposure

Gap Wrap Film

Gap film is an economical car tape that can be used to seal trunks, hoods or doors that have been sprung. It is less costly to use on small gaps than standard-sized sheets of car window adhesive, but it provides the same level of protection for the interior as a traditional glass wrap.

Used alone or as a supplemental auto body panel adhesive, gap film seals out water and dirt while a vehicle awaits repairs. Each roll is six inches wide and 200 feet long. The self-adhesive backing sticks securely to the vehicle, but will not stick to itself. This makes application easy and efficient, requiring only one person to quickly seal the area.

Pack of 4 rolls
Rolls are 6in X 200ft
Yellow Adhesive
Protects vehicle interior from weather by covering gaps.
Approved for up to one year.
Crash Wrap Weather Barrier Film ® 30in X 200FT NoMark Carpet Mats 24in X 500FT, 21" Perf Floor Wrap Paint Booth Floor Cover
Crash Wrap Weather Barrier Film ® 30in X 200FT QUANTITY DISCOUNT!
List Price: $173.42
Our Price: $139.00
Savings: $34.42
NoMark Carpet Mats 24in X 500FT, 21" Perf
List Price: $159.95
Our Price: $198.00
Floor Wrap Paint Booth Floor Cover
List Price: $496.50
Our Price: $476.00
Savings: $20.50

Crash Wrap Weather Barrier Film: 30 inches x 200 feet

The 30 in x 200 ft crash wrap is the largest size we offer of this signature adhesive product, making it great for SUV’s, large trucks, and more. This all-weather car cover is able to protect every part of a vehicle from rain, snow or sunlight. The barrier can be attached to frozen surfaces, and if the exterior of a vehicle becomes exceptionally warm, the high temperature will not affect the adhesive of the car weather covers.

Unlike other types of barriers, these all-weather car covers will not be weakened by snow or ice. During one analysis of products that offer car weather protection, the barrier was able to remain on a damaged vehicle for 15 months in spite of rainy weather. The wrap also manages to avoid more minor annoyances, such has difficult to remove leftover adhesive on your vehicle when the wrap is removed.

Order our 30 in x 200 ft crash wrap today for an incredible discount from the wrap’s listed price! Looking for even bigger savings? Quantity discounts are available!

Nomark Car Carpet Mats

Are you a car dealer in need of car carpet covering? Rugged car carpet mats need to be able to stand up to whatever nature throws at them. Made from sturdy 3mil-thick material, these plastic carpet mats from NoMark are made to protect the interior until the car is ready to be sold, so the mats are in top condition when the car is driven off the lot.

Our NoMark carpet mats come printed with “Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover” and feature perforation every 21 inches. This premium car carpet covering will keep every inch of the car floor clean and shielded from all contact. To ensure the carpet of every car in your lot looks its best, you can rely on NoMark carpet mats. Order yours now and keep all your cars in prestine condition!

Protects Vehicle Carpet
Tough 4 mils thick
Perforated every 21in
Clear with "Dealer Must Remove" imprints

Floor Wrap Paint Booth Floor Cover

Most body shops have experimented with a variety of paint booth floor coating and covering options. Floor coverings protect the surface from overspray as well as drips or spills. Traditional paint booth floor paper is difficult to sweep and easy to tear, and floor epoxies offer little protection against overspray.

Plastic floor adhesive offers an excellent solution for paint booths. It is durable, tear-resistant and self-adhering. It is easy to sweep, making removal of dust particles faster, and it can rinsed with water for additional cleaning. The adhesive holds the floor film securely in place, and the non-skid surface enhances safety. When it is time to replace the floor film, it is easy to remove it, and the adhesive leaves no marks behind.

The properties of floor wrap film also make it a great choice for auto repair shops. Labor-intensive cleaning of oil, grease and automotive fluids can be reduced or eliminated. It is also a popular choice for homeowners who are seeking garage floor covering options to protect their home's garage from oil or fluid leaks. Order our paint booth floor cover today and see why so many customers choose us!

Adhesive Roll
36 IN X 500 FT
Bright White
Covers Paint Booth Floor
4 Mils Thick
Ship Weight 35 lbs